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Believe it or not ! .

A great way to have nice, shiny hair doesn't come from any special shampoos or conditioners: it comes from the food you eat! , it means that healthy foods help to give you healthy hair. A good diet with the right kinds of nutrients can work from the inside to give you great-looking hair on the outside

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  • How to make your eyes your most attractive feature.........
  • The Beautiful Nose : Plastic Surgery
  • The Beautiful Ear : Plastic Surgery
  • More about FAT- intake, More about saturated fats,Hydrogenated fat, More about sodium level
  • Food addictives to avoid
  • Healthy eating tips : Eating Right to Reduce Your Risk of Developing Cancer
  • Ways to Introduce Healthy Foods to Children
  • Be creative when serving foods
  • Encouraging Children to Eat Healthy
  • If I follow a vegetarian diet will I automatically lose weight?
  • Potentially Harmful Ingredients to Avoid in Personal Care Products and Cosmetics
  • Can I hurt my eyes with cosmetics?
  • Learn more about Heart, Lungs, Kidney, Stomach, Liver, Brain

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